Why You Must Allow App Indexing

A recent study suggested that only 20% of iOS apps & 30% of Android apps are allowing app indexing.

What is app indexing?

When you search for something on Google, it shows content from the websites as well as from the apps that you have installed. And if you are an android user, it will show content even from the apps that you haven’t installed yet.

engage-users-app-indexingSo, when you click on the results, you have the option to either view the content on the websites or directly from the apps.

find-users-app-indexingApp-indexing has been around for a couple of years, but it was fully launched in 2015. Google has been trying from the very beginning to convenience app owners to let them index the entire content.

The reason behind this is, apps are like gold mines. They store mammoth content & invaluable data of customers, which can be used to target relevant ads; hence boosting the click through rates & sales. Until now, the content was hidden and protected behind walls. But due to continuous efforts and spreading awareness among the app owners & publishers, Google has succeeded in unlocking the gates to a few of these gold mines.

How to allow deep-linking?

If you’re an app owner and want Google to index your app then you need to allow “deep linking”, which means giving each page of your app a specific crawlable link. Refer to this article for a detailed guide on How to allow Deep Linking?

How many companies have opted for app-indexing so far?

A recent research conducted on the top 100 U.S. websites revealed that 84% of them offer android apps, but only 30% have implemented app-indexing.

android-app-deep-linkingWhereas the ones who offers iOS apps showed far less interest as only 19% of them allowed app-indexing.

ios-app-deep-linkingThe research also revealed that retailers in the fashion industry were among the top, on both Android & iOS.


Only 5% of apparel sites were not offering iOS apps & 9% were not offering Android apps, rest of the companies in this sector were offering some type of apps.

Why you should allow app-indexing?

  • You can have competitive advantage, as not everyone has opted for it yet.
  • It’s a “ranking factor”.
  • Apps are excellent customer retention tools & by allowing app indexing you are not only boosting your app installs but also hammering your brand’s name in the customers’ minds.
  • By looking at the search patterns, you can get an idea or two about exactly what users are looking for and you can generate content related to that.
  • It helps users to gather information without digging into piles of useless (according to them) content.
  • 20% of the apps installed on a person’s phone strive for a second click. So by allowing app indexing, you can drive more traffic & increase the engagement rate for your apps.

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