Roofing Companies Promotion 101

For over 50 decades, 1 name has stood interchangeable with commercial roofing in Hickory, NC: Wallace Sheet Metal and Roofing Co., Inc.. Wallace Roofing is owned and managed by his three sons: Randy, Rodney, and Jeff, who’d every joined the business in its first days. With all these benefits, why do you opt for any other type of roof?

We’re proud to have many of Hickory’s most common industrial properties. Install Light Colored Roofing –Having metal, a galvanized finish or white painted roof is ideal. By The Metal Roofing Alliance. Together, the Wallace family has enlarged Hoover’s unique fantasy, starting successful and new ventures in real estate, contracting, building, and — most recently — granite countertops in North Carolina.

Spend a day on the town in Catawba County, also you’ll definitely walk underneath our roofs and again — if you’re shopping, dining, or even performing business. Light colored roofing reflects, rather than absorbs, heat from sunlight. Going Green with Steel Roof.

Here at the Wallace Roofing office, however, the business ‘s focus stays loyal as : supplying top-quality business roofing in Hickory and valuable customer service associations. Really, if you’re standing beneath hardy commercial roof in North Carolina, there’s a fantastic possibility that we installed that roofing or offer regular upkeep there to the day. The end result is a cooler house and decreased cooling bills, especially if you have air conditioning ductwork in the attic.

Roofing ranks near the top of the listing when it comes to commonplace home improvements which can benefit big from moving green. We do right by our clients, which ‘s a standing we’re proud of. City authorities, producers, retailers, and industrial businesses all trust Wallace Roofing to supply roofs which continue. Install Radiant Heat Barriers –Radiant heat barriers are a thin layer of metal insulation (usually tin foil with a paper backing or a metalized mylar sheeting), which can reduce radiant heat transfer into your attic by up to 95 percent when installed into the underside of your roof. After your entire roof’s vulnerability to heat, cold, and sunlight make it an excellent candidate for improving your house general energy efficiency.

Industrial and Commercial Roofing at Hickory, NC. Our job is on screen all across North and South Carolina. Install Rainwater Catch Systems –Because metal roofs station water so economically, and they don’t have noxious elements like asphalt shingles, they’re an ideal roofing material for a rainwater catch system.

go to the website And since your roof can also be your house ‘s most important line of defense when it comes to protecting you and yours from the elements, it’s simple to find out why homeowners across the country are attracted to the quality workmanship and high expectations that green remodeling is well known for. While we supply a broad selection of roofing alternatives for industrial and residential customers equally, commercial roofing stays our specialization. We provide the latest in cutting edge roofing technologies, such as installment of EPDM and TPO roof systems (single-ply membrane roofs), in addition to maintenance, fix, and residential solutions which have kept us in the peak of the NC roofing business for the greater part of a century.

By minding cisterns or drums to catch precious rainwater and runoff for landscaping use, you can avoid spending money on the monthly water bill. Flat roofs Alloy roofs Copper roofs Roof coatings TPO roof systems (single-ply membrane roofs) EPDM roof systems (high quality artificial plastic membrane roofs) Commercial roofing maintenance and repair (like leak options ) And much more. Here are a few simple actions you can take to ensure that health is a priority during and after the period that your new roof is installed. Health Considerations and Green Metal Roofing Johnston is quick to point out that contrary to popular belief, green remodeling isn’t all about improving energy efficiency.

We’ve covered numerous retail outlets, shopping centers, shopping malls, restaurants, town government buildings, health complexes, arts and science facilities, manufacturing plants, instructional centers, and much more. We’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured as a general contractor, and also we provide mill and workmanship guarantees. Only Buy Lead-Free Metal Roofing –Be sure that your metal roofing is lead-free in both the metallic alloy and your roofing ‘s coating.