Google’s Working on Building an iOS Keyboard that Supports Google Searches

A hush-hush news reportedly coming out of Google’s core group of personnel is that Google is working on an iOS keyboard that supports its search functionality. But there’s no official date given for a public launch. Besides the Google search feature, the Apple keyboard will support gesture-based typing along with an option that will allow users to send pictures and GIFs.

Google’s yet to be released iOS keyboard will have these two extra features as compared to it’s Android version. The inclusion of Google enabled searches on the iOS keyboard indicates that it is making an effort to increase the number of mobile searches on the iOS platform, which is straggling way behind desktop searches.

The availability of an app for virtually everything means that an iPhone user has nothing to look for in Google’s search bar option. The availability of Siri as a virtual search assistant running on Bing’s search platform coupled with the ability to change the default browsing option in Safari, add to Google’s pile of woes.

Limited Google searches means less ad views on it’s search platform, which seriously impacts the ad revenue margins. This is the main reason why Google’s working behind closed doors on an iOS search keyboard that will hopefully allow the company to recover some of the lost ground, both in terms of mobile searches and advertising revenue. But at the moment, it is still not official and there’s no saying when it will see the light of day.

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