Google Celebrates 10 Years of Google Translate’s Existence

It supported only two languages when it was first launched, but after a decade of existence it now supports over 100 languages. Could you guess which Google product we’re talking about? Well, you guessed it right! We’re indeed talking about Google Translate, which grew its user base from hundreds to hundreds of millions in its 10 years of existence.

This is indeed an enormous accomplishment and the company decided to celebrate 10 yrs of Google Translate by highlighting 10 milestones in Google’s official blog post. In its ten years of existence, Google Translate has done commendable service by breaking communication barriers on the web. Here’s a list of milestones achieved by Google Translate in 10 years.

Ten Google Translate Milestones In Last 10 Years

  1. Communication ain’t a barrier anymore. Google Translate helps people communicate faster by providing translation in over 100 international languages. For instance, a Canadian family leveraged Google Translate services to communicate with a refugee.
  2. Growing from strength to strength. More than 500 million users serves as proof of its popularity.
  3. More translations are being carried out on a regular basis. Google Translate helps by translating more than 100 billion words every single day.
  4. Users often translate trending keyword searches via Google Translate services. In fact, last year the most translated word was “Selfie”, which also happens to be the most trending keyword in 2015.
  5. To keep pace with the ever-growing user base, 3.5 million people are now part of the Google Translate community; they have so far made 90 million contributions.
  6. More than 90% searches come from countries other than the US, with Brazilians being more frequent users.
  7. Word lens in Google Translate App lets you instantly view translations in 28 different languages.
  8. You can now have a bilingual conversation via Google Translate. Google added this feature way back in 2011.
  9. You don’t need an internet connection to use Google Translate.
  10. With communication being at the forefront, Google Translate services are set to evolve further in the future.

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