The Top Secret behind Amazon’s Superior Search Rankings: An Online Study

The Top Secret behind Amazon’s Superior Search Rankings: An Online Study

With the ever growing online market place, shoppers have more reasons to smile as they find more options to purchase their products online. Wallets won’t be the only casualties, as the e-commerce war heats up.

To come out on top in searches, SEO services play a crucial role in attracting more eyeballs. That’s where several retailers feel helpless as Amazon aces the e-commerce war purely on the basis of personalization.

The recent Ripen eCommerce study, which was conducted across 344,936 unique products and 746,500 search results, more or less confirms these thoughts.

To come to the final conclusion, the study takes into account various factors such as the keywords used in product title/feature/descriptions, Amazon Sales Rank, Amazon fulfillment options, prime eligibility, etc.

The study listed top five ranking factors to come out on top of the searches:

  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank (Sales Rank)
  • Items Sold/Fulfilled by Amazon
  • Keywords in Product Title
  • Prime Eligible products
  • Discounts

The above-mentioned factors played an important role in enhancing the overall visibility of its products in the SERPs, with just one factor contributing to the low Amazon ranking, third party fulfilled products.

Click here to know more about the Amazon SEO study by Ripen eCommerce.

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